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Embrace Christmas as we journey with wisdom and embrace grace. Beyond being just a holiday, it's a profound opportunity to encounter the love, hope, and joy that comes from the birth of Jesus Christ. Our festive gatherings are thoughtfully designed to leave you inspired and ready to fully embrace the true essence of the season. Whether you're a longstanding member of our community or it's your first time through our doors, you'll feel the warmth of home as we celebrate Christmas together.

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What's happening on

Kids and Teens Christmas

December 9, 11am, AEDT.

Join us for a morning filled with joy as the talented children and teens from our vibrant community showcase their musical flair, present heartwarming carols, and deliver a meaningful message. We welcome everyone from the surrounding community to come together and celebrate the season.

Christmas Breakfast

December 23, 9:30am, AEDT.

Indulge in the warmth of the season at our Christmas Breakfast! Join us for a festive morning filled with delectable delights and holiday cheer. Savor the joyous atmosphere as you enjoy a delicious spread, mingle with friends and family, and treat your Christmas season with a delightful feast. All are welcome to join in the merry celebration – come share the joy and start your holiday festivities with a hearty Christmas Breakfast!

Combined Christmas Concert

December 16, 6pm, AEDT.

Experience the magic of Christmas at our Combined Christmas Concert, where all are welcome to join in the festive celebration. Embracing diversity, this concert brings together musical talents from across Australia, representing various backgrounds, denominations, and religions. No matter who you are, we're expecting you.

Christmas Program

December 23, 11am, AEDT.

Join us for a meaningful start to your day with uplifting carols, a heartfelt message, and a warm sense of community. Whether you're a regular attendee or a first-time visitor, all are welcome to share in the joy of the season. Come together with us for a morning filled with the spirit of Christmas, as we celebrate the hope and unity that this special time brings.

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