What we're doing during COVID-19

As of 12.00am on the 6th of August you must have a valid Permitted Worker Permit (or other appropriate documentation) if volunteering or working on the Pakenham Seventh-day Adventist Church premises no matter the distance (even if you live closer than 5km away).

For more information contact paul.butov@lakesidechurch.org.au

Online Church

Due to COVID-19 we cancelled our physical services, but you are most welcome to connect with us online for Church right here each Saturday at 10am on either the home or media pages. 

Our online services consist of 2 parts and will continue running in accordance to the rules and restrictions at the time. The live stream will commence with a Sabbath School/Bible Study at 10am, followed by a break at 10:45am which will then be concluded by the Main Service consisting of Praise and Worship and the Message. 

If you would like to participate in any of our following Online Church live streams please contact us on media@lakesidechurch.org.au as your contribution will be greatly appreciated. 

ADRA Cardinia Foodbank

We're proud to support and run the ADRA Cardinia Foodbank in Pakenham. The ADRA Cardinia Foodbank is n Approved Emergency Relief center that has permission to run and operate in the community. We are a group of community minded people who want to help other people by providing nourishing meals, a hot drink and a welcoming smile. Come and join us!

For more info click here. 

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Welcome to the Lakeside Community Seventh-day Adventist Church (Pakenham Seventh-day Adventist Church). We are a Christian Congregation that is very different from most traditional Christians. The most particular thing is that we meet on the 7th Day (Saturday) just as it teaches us in the Bible. We believe that Jesus came to the earth, died on the cross so we could have eternal life, not because of how well we lived but by our faith.

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