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The video above will automatically become a live stream at 10am (AEST) on the 15th of August.

Please click on the video to unpause/start the live stream.

We've got everything sorted, so just sit back and worship God with us stress free! :)

Will begin at 10am (AEST), 15th of August.

Live Stream: LIVE Online Church @ Lakeside (Sabbath School Included)

Live @ 10am (AEST) - 15th of August

  • 10AM: Sabbath School (Bible Study)

  • 10:45AM: Break

  • 11AM: Main Church Service


If you would like to participate in Online Church feel free to contact us at Your contribution is appreciated. 

Lakeside Community Seventh Day Adventist Church currently records the sermon (audio and video) for each service to share the good news message with those that could not attend. The audio version of the sermons are grouped by years and displayed on different pages. Within each year's list you will see a list of the sermons recorded. You can choose to listen to, or download (free) the sermon. To view the audio list click on one of the year buttons below or have a look at one of the most recent sermons! To view the video go to our YouTube channel, "Lakeside Adventist Community", or simply click on one of the videos bellow!

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We are a Christian Congregation that is very different from most traditional Christians. The most particular thing is that we meet on the 7th Day (Saturday) just as it teaches us in the Bible. We believe that Jesus came to the earth, died on the cross so we could have eternal life, not because of how well we lived but by our faith. (This is mentioned in John 3:16).

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