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A Sabbath with Glenn Townend!

A reminder that on 29 January we will have a very special service. The South Pacific Division of SDAs president, pastor Glenn Townend will be our guest speaker. This is a rare opportunity to meet the spiritual leader of Adventism in Oceania, and therefore I urge you to invite your family and guests. The SPD helped sponsor our building 5 years ago, and this is a good time to say thank you. I want to have a special gratitude prayer for our members who participated in construction as well.

We also will have a special treat for our children. At 10 am I will bring pizzas and drinks for our children and youth for a nice brunch. At 11 am pastor Townend will pray a special blessing on our kids for the successful journey through this school year. He will pray for preschoolers, school and university students.

You’re all welcome to come and attend this event! See you there! (You will also be able to watch it live on this website at 11am).

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