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Service Preview

Church Service, 9th of January 2020. 

The following is the approximate running sheet for the upcoming program listed above. This webpage will automatically be updated if there are any changes to the running sheet or program. The final program will be sent via email to all those who are participating in the program and the printed out version will also be given out in the form of a running sheet to all those who participate on the day. 

Last Minute Updates

There are currently no last minute updates. 

10:00am - Sabbath School/Bible Study. 

The Sabbath School/Bible Study will not be streamed live because during this time all those wishing to will be able to split off into smaller classes for a more meaningful discussion and there will not be a main Bible Study from the front. 

11:00am - Main Church Service

The Main Church Service will begin at 11am and be streamed live. It will go something like this: 

  • Greetings

  • Welcome to Worship

  • Song 1

  • Tithes and Offering

  • Offering Prayer

  • Song 2

  • Main Prayer

  • Welcome to Speaker

  • Sermon: Nompilo Moyo

  • Offering

  • Song 3

  • Benediction

  • Announcements

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