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Terms and Conditions

You are the undersigned hereby agree to the following terms and conditions:

•    These Church facilities are hired on the explicit understanding that the requested use is consistent with the primary purpose of the Church as a place of Christian worship.

•    You agree that where there is non-compliance with these terms and conditions, or damage to, or mis-use of, the church facilities, the hirer(s) will forego their refundable deposit AND will also be liable for costs of repairing any damage and/or cleaning required to make-good the facilities.

•    The use of the Church Car Park and Toilet access is included in all hires.

•    No part of the Church or its facilities which does not form part of this Hiring Agreement may be used the Hirer(s) or by any persons at the event for which the hiring approval has been given.

•    Furniture and existing decorations in the Church may not be removed or re-arranged without the agreement and direct supervision of the appointed Church Custodian for the event.

•    Due to staining and or fire safety requirements, the use of rice, confetti or flower petals is not permitted anywhere on the church grounds, including out the front of the church.

•    The use of candles is not permitted inside the Church building. 

•    The hirer agrees to clean and remove any temporary decorations immediately after the event or at a time agreed in writing prior to the event.

•    Decorations must not be used that leave marks, that remove paint or varnish on any church furniture or fixtures. 

•    The hirer is responsible to ensure that the facilities remain a drug, alcohol and smoke free environment. The consumption of alcohol, drugs or smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere on the Pakenham SDA Church site, this includes all lawns and roads surrounding the Church building.

•    The hirer agrees to only use the facilities approved for hired for the intended purpose
specified in this application.

•    The hirer agrees to be bound by any special conditions that are provided in writing at the time approval is granted or advised in writing by the Bookings Office after any specific subsequent discussions or requests are made by you with reasonable notice prior to the event.

•    The Church will appoint a Church Custodian for your event and you will be advised of their name and contact details. The Custodian is your point of contact whilst you use the facilities and you agree that their decisions on matters on the event day are final.

•    The Administration Committee, subject to the Board, has sole discretion in determining and allowing activities within the Church property.
•    Subject to the Administrations Committee’s discretion (in case of illness or special circumstances etc.) all cancellations will receive a refund but subject to the following time-based and opportunity-cost based fees.

•    A cancellation notice received in writing two (2) months prior to the event date will incur a flat $50 administration fee.

•    A cancellation notice received in writing within two (2) months, but before
14 days prior to the event date will incur a $100 administration fee

•    A cancellation notice received in writing fourteen (14) days prior the event date will incur a cancellation fee equal to 25% of the hiring fee.

•    A cancellation notice received in writing less than fourteen (14) days of the event date will be subject to a cancellation fee 70% of the hiring fee.

•    Any cancellation must be made in writing to the Church Bookings Office (Church   Secretary) via email.
A reply email will acknowledge receipt of your email in a timely manner.

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