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New Website!

The first thing that you are going to notice when you log onto the new Church website is the Design which was completely recreated to not only look 100 times better but also to make navigating the website more easy and comfortable for you.

If you are on a phone you would notice the blue circle in the bottom corner. When you click it it comes up with 3 other buttons nicely layed out. With just 2 clicks you would be able to call us, write us an email or visit our Facebook page.

The mobile view is completely different looking from the desktop view which makes your mobile experience even more comfortable.

We renamed ourselves to Lakeside Community Church since it already says Pakenham in the address and the word Community sounds more community friendly. In both Mobile and Desktop View you have a slide show. The Slideshow will advertise upcoming events @ Lakeside Community Church.

From the front page you would be able to navigate to a few important pages which include the kids page "Lakeside Kidz", "Play a Role", "Request a Prayer", "Become a member" and many more still to come.

We also tell the world who we are in the simplest way possible and give info about the Bible Study session and Main Church Service on the About us Page. On the About us Page you could contact one of our team members individually.

The Bulletin is uploaded every Thursday onto the Church website. You can view it at the bottom of the Home page.

The Blog you are reading right now will share the latest updates that are happening around the Church. The Facebook page will be posting more frequently, while the blog will only share the most important news. Any team member would be able to publish on the Blog including the Pastors, Secretary, Head Elder and other Church Board members. Board Members can use the Log in/Sign up button to navigate to a hidden web world where they could view rosters, agendas, calendars etc. all from one place. (Some features of this are still being developed).

The Media page will have the latest Sermons published.

The events page is even more comfortable than before. Using all research we found out that people like a table layout of the events more than using a calendar. So we went and redesigned the events page into a table layout with a brief description of the event, the time, and date. For more info you could press a button on the side of it or contact us.

Other pages like Community Outreach tell the community what we do in the simplest way possible. You could use eGiving to donate to our church.

The last page is traditionally the Contact Us page. There you can view our service times, Where we are located and as suggested by the title of the page, Contact Us.

We really hope you enjoy using the new Church website which was created for your comfort, to use and report any problems. Keep in mind that we are still working on several pages so that the anyone can find out about anything on here.

There is much more to the website than this, but you will just have to go exploring on your own.

Your web and Communications Team.

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