Web Update Notes

Keep up to date with the latest fixes and features. 

<13/11/2020> Updated the times, titles and descriptions for the Online Church Live Stream on the Home and Media pages. 

<01/11/2020> The underline was removed from hyperlink text and the heading was edited on the Web Update Notes page

<30/10/2020> The home and media pages were updated and removed the Chat with Uncle Vadim, Volume 2 section as this even has finished. 

<30/10/2020> A popup was created to inform visitors about our physical church services. 

<30/10/2020> The COVID-19 information page was updated with a new face to face church section to inform about our physical church services. 

<30/10/2020> Updated the Plan A Visit page (now renamed to Face to Face Church) with new COVID-19 relevant information and information on how to book for church. 

<23/10/2020> Updated Home page with a new section encouraging people to support their church during lock-down. The section promotes a short Lakeside Adventist Video to help people get started. 

<21/10/2020> Updated Paul Butov's contact information on the Our Team page to an updated email. 

<02/10/2020> Updated Home page with a new and better fitting twitch social media button logo. Updated Home and Media pages with new text telling viewers to join us live on Twitch for better quality. 

<26/09/2020> Updated Church Loan page with new loan statistics and made relevant to the COVID-19 situation. 

<12/09/2020> Updated the Home and Media pages to facilitate the upcoming 'A Chat with Uncle Vadim, Volume II' media programs. 

<23/08/2020> Updated the Our Ministries web page. 

<17/08/2020> Redesigned the footer to include links to important web pages that might not be accessible from the enhanced and more streamline Menu interface in the header. 

<16/08/2020> Updated DMARC records to point all reports to new email allowing a smooth and organised web networking workflow. 

<07/08/2020> SPF and DMARC added to lakeside mail. [adds security by adding the strictest DMARC record (p=reject). Helps mail get delivered to the recipient's inbox by allowing email systems to check for our SPF and DMARC rules].

<07/08/2020> Update Notes page was created. 

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Welcome to the Lakeside Community Seventh-day Adventist Church (Pakenham Seventh-day Adventist Church). We are a Christian Congregation that is very different from most traditional Christians. The most particular thing is that we meet on the 7th Day (Saturday) just as it teaches us in the Bible. We believe that Jesus came to the earth, died on the cross so we could have eternal life, not because of how well we lived but by our faith.

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