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Web Update Notes

Keep up to date with the latest fixes and features. 

<13/11/2020> Updated the times, titles and descriptions for the Online Church Live Stream on the Home and Media pages. 

<01/11/2020> The underline was removed from hyperlink text and the heading was edited on the Web Update Notes page

<30/10/2020> The home and media pages were updated and removed the Chat with Uncle Vadim, Volume 2 section as this even has finished. 

<30/10/2020> A popup was created to inform visitors about our physical church services. 

<30/10/2020> The COVID-19 information page was updated with a new face to face church section to inform about our physical church services. 

<30/10/2020> Updated the Plan A Visit page (now renamed to Face to Face Church) with new COVID-19 relevant information and information on how to book for church. 

<23/10/2020> Updated Home page with a new section encouraging people to support their church during lock-down. The section promotes a short Lakeside Adventist Video to help people get started. 

<21/10/2020> Updated Paul Butov's contact information on the Our Team page to an updated email. 

<02/10/2020> Updated Home page with a new and better fitting twitch social media button logo. Updated Home and Media pages with new text telling viewers to join us live on Twitch for better quality. 

<26/09/2020> Updated Church Loan page with new loan statistics and made relevant to the COVID-19 situation. 

<12/09/2020> Updated the Home and Media pages to facilitate the upcoming 'A Chat with Uncle Vadim, Volume II' media programs. 

<23/08/2020> Updated the Our Ministries web page. 

<17/08/2020> Redesigned the footer to include links to important web pages that might not be accessible from the enhanced and more streamline Menu interface in the header. 

<16/08/2020> Updated DMARC records to point all reports to new email allowing a smooth and organised web networking workflow. 

<07/08/2020> SPF and DMARC added to lakeside mail. [adds security by adding the strictest DMARC record (p=reject). Helps mail get delivered to the recipient's inbox by allowing email systems to check for our SPF and DMARC rules].

<07/08/2020> Update Notes page was created. 

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